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Build a data foundation and streamline ESG reporting to meet internal and external reporting requirements.
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ESG-Disclose in Action

ESG Disclose enables ESG Practitioners to be prepared for developing global and local regulations and continuously evolving ESG disclosure reporting requirements.
ESG Disclose software saves the ESG compliance assurance teams valuable hours of work in the identification, collection and processing of the data.

The AI powered software allows the end user to customise the software to meet their specific ESG rules or regional or global disclosures and also their own risk ratings.

Through a seemless onboarding process, ESG Disclose will automatically identify the disclosures that the client will need to comply with. It then take them through the data collection, analysis and reporting, providing greater degree of confidence and rigour in the compliance assurance process.

Key Features of ESG Disclose

Strong Reporting on and tracking of ESG Initiatives improves value creation in multiple core focus areas for Clients, Investors and Society.
  • Simple, intuitive onboarding and set-up for getting started with your ESG Reporting
    Enables organisations to own your sustainable journey through Data
    Enables Sustainable Decision Making Using Live Data
  • Complete Disclosures collaboratively and quickly using ESG Disclose
    Provide ESG Data Access to Internal and External Auditors in a secured manner
    Automatic identification of ESG regulations that applies based on the profile of each client
  • ESG Disclose takes users through a seamless process in the collection, management and reporting of the data
    Access all the major ESG framework disclosures providing insight into overlapping regulations
    Ability to bespoke the disclosures to meet specific operational profiles of users and their ESG compliance needs

Providing Powerful Insights using Artificial Intelligence

Platform Benefits

Time Reduction

Faster data collection with centralised dashboard


Constantly updated with new frameworks & standards

Global Coverage

Consolidate and manage global data in one system

Cost Savings

Centralised data collection management saves cost

Existing Processes

Minimal change to existing processes & data owners

Ease of Use

On screen guidance to support users at all levels


Bespoke disclosure checklists and metric weighting

Cutting Edge AI Tech

AI to automate the assurance against ESG regulations


Integration with systems for data transparency

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