ESG Disclose SustinerAI

Why Choose Us ?

We give you access to Unique and real time data from hundred of sources regarding an untapped markets: Non-quoted and emerging markets companies with full transparency and advanced greenwashing detection to support you in your strategy.

1.Our advanced NLP algorithms deliver precise ESG scores by expertly analysing unstructured data, removing rating discrepancies.

2.Customisable dashboards offer immediate ESG metric comparisons for enhanced analysis and vigilant monitoring.

3.Stay ahead with real-time alerts on emerging issues to foster proactive governance through active shareholder engagement.

4.Anticipate the future with risk models that evaluate regulatory and sustainability trend adaptations.

5.Gain unique investment and risk insights on lesser-known companies with our in-depth analysis, filling crucial data voids.

6.Benchmark your company's data against public records to pinpoint fundamental risks.


  • More than 30k companies in our database with 81% non-quoted & emerging markets companies¬†
  • Adding 1M datapoints per day
  • More than 800 Data sources from news, report, social media, web, darkweb, etc..

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