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We recognize environmental issues as our corporate priority.
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Achieving genuine sustainability requires consistently taking numerous small steps over an extended period to generate tangible and meaningful impact.

Why ESG Disclose?
ESG Disclose is not just another software provider; it is an ecosystem of ESG solutions designed to support clients of all sizes in navigating and benefiting from their ESG operations. We understand that managing ESG performance poses significant challenges for both investors and corporations.
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About Us

Many of the current software solutions merely consist of basic workflows that come with pre-configured rules and risk indicators, which often fail to resonate with many clients. In contrast, ESG Disclose software offers the end user the ability to personalise the software according to their specific ESG rules or checklists, as well as their own risk ratings.

Our flagship product, ESG Disclose, boasts an exceptional and unparalleled feature: a unique AI roadmap. Developed meticulously by our team of experts, this advanced AI technology enables automated intelligent analysis of data against ESG regulations and checklists. By harnessing this capability, our clients can significantly enhance their ability to meet ESG data collection and reporting requirements without the need to recruit many ESG subject matter experts (SMEs).

ESG Disclose is designed to accommodate companies of any size, recognising that ESG management is essential for all. Our software is accessible to businesses regardless of their scale, and our cost points outshine any competition in the market. We provide unmatched value, ensuring that ESG Disclose is within reach for all organisations.


ESG Disclose is founded on the deep belief in enabling our customers – whether they are commercial companies, governments or investors – to make more sustainable decisions which drive ESG benefits for society as a whole. The founders have brought their substantial experience of building unique AI-based audit and compliance automation software to the ESG space. However, for the founders of the business, Nadeem and Bimal, ESG Disclose is not just about developing unique software tools, but it’s also about what ESG Disclose enables for our clients – which is giving something back to society. We make it easier for our clients to put ESG at the heart of their decision-making, thereby benefiting the wider society.


ESG Disclose has been set up to promote the sustainable development of organisations and societies and empower individuals to enable development. We use our recognised AI and ESG Expertise to ignite and sustain positive change.

Core Values

Innovation at Core
Integrity & Transparency
Exceptional Client Service
Relationships with Respect
Pioneering AI Research
Delivering tangible & positive change

ESG Disclose & Greenly

Empowering Your Sustainable Future

Tailored solutions for every step of your ESG journey, regardless of company size or ESG experience. More than 1000 companies have already trusted us to effectively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as part of achieving their overall ESG goals.

Greenly Makes Carbon Accounting Simple

Our solution equips businesses with seamless capabilities to measure, reduce and offset emissions. By automating data collection and carbon analytics our technology integrates with over 100 enterprise systems such as accounting, travel, cloud data and electricity vendors.
ESG Disclose, powered by Greenly – The carbon management pioneer, provides a comprehensive ESG Solution, facilitating businesses of all sizes to effectively manage their ESG Performance. Spanning all major frameworks, we offer GHG Compliant Emissions reports for Scopes 1, 2 & 3, empowering accurate mission measurement and reduction. Beyond software, ESG Disclose delivers a complete ESG Package, including empowering your teams with ESG Skills development for realising your sustainability objectives.

Bursa MY ESG Disclosure Readiness Assessment Tool

Introducing the Bursa MY ESG Disclosure Assessment, a powerful tool meticulously designed by our team of ESG Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Specially aligned with the Bursa Malaysia Disclosures, this assessment guides users through a comprehensive set of questions required for compliance with Malaysia's formal ESG Disclosure regulations starting from December 2023.
*Our bespoke Readiness Assessment is a proven model that can be easily replicated in other territories worldwide. By seamlessly replacing Bursa Regulations with equivalent local or international disclosure requirements, we ensure a smooth and seamless transition to compliance. The success of our Readiness Assessment lies in its adaptability. We understand that every region has its own unique set of regulations and disclosure requirements. With our comprehensive framework, we can swiftly tailor the assessment to match the specific mandates of any territory, enabling organizations to effortlessly navigate the compliance landscape.

How it Works?

Bursa MY ESG Disclosure Readiness Assessment Tool

In under four weeks, our tool guides you through a straightforward and smooth process, prompting you to respond to the Bursa ESG Disclosures. It assists you by offering illustrative data examples that you can input to fulfil the disclosure requirements. Our team of ESG Subject matter experts thoroughly examines this information and generates a comprehensive gap analysis report. This report identifies the areas that require attention and must be addressed before December 2023.

Platform Benefits

Time Reduction

Faster data collection with centralised dashboard


Constantly updated with new frameworks & standards

Global Coverage

Consolidate and manage global data in one system

Cost Savings

Centralised data collection management saves cost

Existing Processes

Minimal change to existing processes & data owners

Ease of Use

On screen guidance to support users at all levels


Customisable to bespoke disclosure checklists and metric weighting

Cutting Edge AI Tech

Future application of AI to automate the assurance against ESG regulations


Integration with systems for data transparency

Examples of ESG Disclose Education & Training Solutions*

Transform your ESG Understanding & Readiness

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