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The ESG software market is fragmented, with no one tool delivering an end to end solution from understanding which regulations businesses need to comply with to data collection, compliance assurance and reporting.
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ESG Disclose stands distinctively apart as not merely a software provider, but a holistic ecosystem dedicated to ESG solutions. Our offerings span from cutting-edge technology to bespoke training and specialised ESG advisory services. Tailored to cater to enterprises of all scales, ESG Disclose is committed to guiding and empowering clients to optimise their ESG operations. Recognising the complexities of ESG performance management for investors and corporations alike, we bring insights, expertise, and solutions to navigate these challenges effectively.

ESG Disclose - Knowledge Hub

Discover a comprehensive resource dedicated to mastering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Our Knowledge Hub provides an extensive collection of articles, videos, and tool kits to support your ESG journey from understanding and adoption to compliance.
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ESG-Disclose Software As A Solution

Our AI solution allows clients to onboard themselves onto the software, which will automatically identify the ESG regulations they need to adhere to based on the location of their businesses and the sector(s) in which they operate. Thereafter, ESG Disclose takes the user through a seamless process in the collection, management and reporting of the data required to comply with the ever-growing number of regulations or, indeed, their own in-house ESG policies or governance framework.

ESG Disclose allows the user to access all the major ESG framework disclosures, providing insight into overlapping disclosures and an ability to bespoke the disclosures to meet the specific operational profile of the user and their ESG compliance responsibilities.

The most unique capability is the application of unique AI, previously perfected by the founding team, to provide automated intelligent analysis of the data against ESG regulations or checklists to provide assurance. This will enable clients to significantly improve their ability to meet ESG data collection and reporting without having to invest in recruiting large numbers of ESG SMEs.

Key Features of ESG Disclose

Providing insights on and tracking of ESG Initiatives improves value creation in multiple core focus areas for Clients, Investors and Society.
  • Simple, intuitive onboarding and set-up for getting started with your ESG Reporting
    Enables organisations to own your sustainable journey through Data
    Enables Sustainable Decision Making Using Live Data
  • Complete Disclosures collaboratively and quickly using ESG Disclose
    Provide ESG Data Access to Internal and External Auditors in a secured manner
    Automatic identification of ESG regulations that applies based on the profile of each client
  • ESG Disclose takes users through a seamless process in the collection, management and reporting of the data
    Access all the major ESG framework disclosures providing insight into overlapping regulations
    Ability to bespoke the disclosures to meet specific operational profiles of users and their ESG compliance needs

Value creation with ESG Reporting

Strong reporting on & tracking of ESG initiatives improves value creation in five key areas for clients, investors and the society.



Top-line Growth



Cost Reductions



Lesser Interventions



Rise in Productivity



Asset Optimisation
Source: Leading consulting firms  Deloitte, McKinsey

ESG Reporting Done Intelligently

Our platform helps in capturing qualitative and quantitative reports pertaining to the 3 pillars of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) to manage a company’s exposure to certain unseen risks.
Conservation of the Natural World
Consideration of people & relationships
Standards for running a company

Environmental Factors

The environmental criterion considers how companies use energy and manage their environmental impact as stewards of the planet. Companies that do not consider these environmental risks may face unforeseen financial risks, investor scrutiny and public criticism.
Climate Change
Greenhouse  Gas Emissions
Natural Resources
Waste & Pollution

Social Factors

The social criterion examines how a company fosters its people and culture, and how that has ripple effects on the broader community.
Employee Relations
Health & Safety
Training & Education
Privacy & Security
Diversity & Equality
Human Rights


Governance considers a company’s internal system of controls, practices, and procedures, how an organization stays ahead of violations. It ensures transparency and industry best practices and includes dialogue with regulators.
Board Diversity
Executive Compensation
Bribery & Corruption
Reporting Practices
Risk Management

Supports all Major ESG Frameworks

While the world is working towards reaching a global convergence of ESG reporting standards, ESG Disclose supports all leading ESG reporting frameworks. Select the reporting framework that serves your business the best.

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