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Our platform helps in capturing qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to the 3 pillars of Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) to manage a company’s impact on and exposure to these factors.
Managing External Risks
Healthy Relationships
Staying Responsible

Environmental Factors

The environmental criterion considers how companies use energy and manage their environmental impact as stewards of the planet. Companies that do not consider these environmental risks may face unforeseen financial risks, investor scrutiny and public criticism.
Climate Change
Greenhouse  Gas Emissions
Natural Resources
Waste & Pollution

Social Factors

The social criterion examines how a company fosters its people and culture, and how that has ripple effects on the broader community.
Employee Relations
Health & Safety
Training & Education
Privacy & Security
Diversity & Equality
Human Rights


Governance considers a company’s internal system of controls, practices, and procedures; how an organization stays ahead of violations. It ensures transparency and industry best practices and includes dialogue with regulators.
Board Diversity
Executive Compensation
Bribery & Corruption
Reporting Practices
Risk Management

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Team ESG Disclose has proven, highly sought ESG Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and AI experts who are hands-on with all major ESG Frameworks. Our ESG Risk Ratings help investors identify ESG risks and our Global Standards Screening help them comply with the changing requirements of the ESG Reporting Frameworks.

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