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Exciting news from Bursa Malaysia on Sustainability Reporting

Bursa Malaysia has unveiled its Illustrative Sustainability Report (ISR), offering a graphical insight into the enhanced sustainability-related disclosure mandates. This brilliantly complements the updated Sustainability Reporting Guide (3rd Edition) and other sustainability disclosures. Notably, the ISR also highlights recommendations from respected international sustainability reporting frameworks.

A word from Julian Hashim, Chief Regulatory Officer of Bursa Malaysia:

"The timely introduction of the ISR is set to empower listed issuers as they gear up for the implementation of the Enhanced Sustainability Reporting Framework, which kicks off for the financial year ending 31 December 2023. We firmly believe this will significantly uplift the calibre and depth of sustainability reporting among our Public Listed Companies."

But this isn't only about public listed firms. SMEs, given their involvement in supply chains and the need to comply with broader ESG reporting aspects, are also on the radar. This move by Bursa Malaysia mirrors the larger regional and global transition towards mandatory reporting aligned with ESG Frameworks.

For additional resources and guidance on assessing your current standing in adoption and practices, and to assist with your reporting needs, head over to the ESG Disclose Knowledge Hub:

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