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Why Softech360?

Softech360 is a leading provider of ESG solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services to help organizations navigate the complexities of sustainability reporting and compliance. Our suite of services includes ESG training, assessment, consulting, and reporting, all designed to empower businesses to thrive in the evolving landscape of environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.

Our ESG training services offer skill enhancement opportunities through multiple customizable packages. From one-day executive workshops to an eight-week certification program for students and professionals, we cater to diverse learning needs. Additionally, our one-day introductory session is tailored for a general audience, raising ESG awareness for all.

With our assessment services, we assist organizations in complying with ESG requirements as per national and international standards. We conduct high-level assessments via online survey forms and deep-dive assessments, including materiality assessments using digital tools. By identifying industry-specific indicators and stakeholders, we help businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of their ESG landscape.

Our consulting services are designed to provide strategic guidance on ESG frameworks, standards, and reporting requirements. We help organizations identify areas of improvement, design solutions, and offer evidence-based consultation for data-driven decision making. We also provide assistance in audits and reviews, ensuring compliance and continuous improvement.

As for our ESG reporting services, we offer smart reporting solutions aligned with major international frameworks. For our Malaysian clients, we provide tool-based reporting that meets Bursa Malaysia requirements. Our reporting options include monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, providing flexibility to suit your organization's reporting cycle. We assist in data standardization, report generation, and post-reporting analysis, comparing targets against performance for actionable insights.

At Softech360, we are committed to empowering organizations to embrace sustainability and make a positive impact. With our comprehensive suite of ESG services, we provide the expertise and support needed to navigate the ever-changing ESG landscape. Trust us to be your partner in driving sustainability and achieving your ESG goals.

Leadership Team



HAFIZULLAH IRFAN is a seasoned professional with more than 3 decades of experience in IT Consulting. He is a business process expert who has worked with MNCs such as GSK, Unilever, Shell, MSD, Oracle, Hitachi Consulting, Panasonic, Global Foundries, Fuji Xerox, International SOS, etc. in Pakistan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

In 2015 he established his own IT Consulting firm OLIVESTOUCH TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD based in KL, Malaysia. The company is currently the largest Local partner of Oracle Applications and currently doing Digital Transformation projects in local organizations such as DBKL (KL City Council), MCMC, Radicare, SilTerra, PBA, Unisteel, UEM, TCMA, Perodua,Tabang Haji, etc.

In recent years, Hafizullah had developed an interest in Sustainability and Environment. He had done intensive research under these complex topics and successfully complete trainings from both local and global institutions. He is now Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner from Centre of Sustainability and Excellence, and also successfully completed certified training from GRI Institute, International Association for Sustainable Economy (IASE), BCSD Academy, CFI Education and CFA Institute.

Last year he had established another Consulting firm SOFTECH360 SDN BHD with focus on ESG Reporting and Sustainable Practices. As an active member of ESG Association of Malaysia, SOFTECH360 is aggressively working with Universities, Business Associations, Government Agencies, and Corporate Entities in Malaysia for creating awareness around Sustainability, Climate Change, and ESG Reporting.

Your Priorities and how we can Help?

ESG Training
Enhance your ESG skills with Softech360's comprehensive training services! Choose from our multiple customizable packages tailored to your specific needs. For executives, we offer immersive one-day workshops to equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the ESG landscape. Students and professionals can enroll in our intensive eight-week certification program to gain in-depth expertise. And for a general audience, we have a one-day introductory session to raise ESG awareness. Contact us & embark on this educational journey towards a sustainable future!
ESG Assessment
Ensure ESG compliance with Softech360's comprehensive assessment services! We offer high-level assessments through online survey forms to quickly gauge your organization's ESG requirements. For a deeper understanding, our digital tools enable a thorough materiality assessment. Our process includes identifying ESG teams, involving relevant departments, engaging stakeholders, and gathering data sources. Receive a readiness report and industry-specific materiality assessment to guide your ESG journey. We'll help you choose the appropriate reporting framework for your industry. Trust us to navigate the complexities of ESG compliance.
ESG Consulting
Partner with Softech360 for expert ESG consulting services! We provide guidance on choosing the most suitable framework and standards based on your industry requirements and target audience. Our consultants identify industry-specific indicators and stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive approach. Through problem identification and solution design, we help you overcome ESG challenges and drive positive change. Our evidence-based consultation ensures data-driven decision making. We also offer assistance in audits and reviews, identifying areas of improvement, and suggesting necessary changes. Trust us to provide strategic ESG consulting tailored to your organization's needs.
ESG Reporting
Unlock the power of ESG reporting with Softech360's comprehensive services! We analyze your business and industry-specific needs to determine the scope of ESG reporting. Our smart reporting solutions align with major international frameworks, ensuring credibility and transparency. For our Malaysian clients, we offer tool-based reporting that complies with Bursa Malaysia requirements. Choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting options to suit your organization's reporting cycle. We assist in data standardization and entering information into our reporting tool. Our experts also help generate comprehensive reports using the tool. Additionally, we provide post-reporting analysis, comparing targets against performance for actionable insights. Experience the benefits of robust ESG reporting with Softech360.
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