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Sandy Jayaraj is the Founder and CEO of Perspectrum Advisors. He is an experienced C-Suite executive and leader with broad multi-national industry and corporate experience. A 25-year career in financial markets at both PricewaterhouseCoopers and Morgan Stanley enhanced by four years as COO and CEO building Curation into a sustainability intelligence enterprise, place him on a foundation of influential experience to execute positive change in business. By employing lateral thinking, evaluating methods, and communicating complex topics in a concise and understandable way, he has mobilised both peers and leadership to achieve desired results. Current clients include a Nasdaq100-listed biotechnology company, a Canadian ESG positioning company and various asset managers.

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Sandy Jayaraj


Sandy is a published journalist having written on emerging themes and sustainability for various publications and is currently a columnist for The Sustainable Investor and Illuminem. Sandy is also a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society of Arts)

Your Priorities and how we can Help?

Looking to engage with sustainability for the first time but do not know where to start.
We can provide you with an overview of key trends in sustainability and ESG including reporting requirements for both corporates and asset managers.
Already engaged but are seeking to translate your values into impact in the most efficient and effective way.
We can provide benchmarking, advice and help you engage with your stakeholders.
You are bandwidth constrained but want to follow the evolution of sustainability themes relevant to your business.
We can publish weekly thought leadership newsletters on sustainability themes of your choice either in Perspectrum’s voice or yours (ghost writing)
You want to demonstrate your engagement in sustainability to your stakeholders and/or the broader community.
We can publish weekly thought leadership newsletters on sustainability themes of your choice either in Perspectrum’s voice or yours (ghost writing)
You need to understand sustainability themes and digest technical content quickly.
We can devise and deliver ‘classroom’ training as well as provide other educational materials.
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Platform Benefits

Time Reduction

Faster data collection with centralised dashboard


Constantly updated with new frameworks & standards

Global Coverage

Consolidate and manage global data in one system

Cost Savings

Centralised data collection management saves cost

Existing Processes

Minimal change to existing processes & data owners

Ease of Use

On screen guidance to support users at all levels


Bespoke disclosure checklists and metric weighting

Cutting Edge AI Tech

AI to automate the assurance against ESG regulations


Integration with systems for data transparency