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ESG Disclose and Greenly

ESG Disclose in partnership with Greenly | Certified B Corp the go-to carbon management for businesses,
delivers GHG Protocol Compliant Emissions Disclosure Reports on Scopes 1, 2 & 3, and helps companies measure and reduce their emissions.
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Why Greenly?

More than 1000 companies have already trusted Greenly to effectively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Because with Greenly, you measure accurately, reduce sustainably, contribute intelligently and report on your progress. Often times carbon accounting can be complex, time-consuming, and very expensive. But Greenly truly supports the entire company towards simpler management of its carbon accounting by combining the best of technology and human monitoring. 

Greenly makes carbon management simple and intuitive for companies of all sizes and every industry, allowing them to fast-track the transition to a net-zero-carbon economy. In practice, Greenly’s SaaS enables companies to measure, monitor, reduce and offset their carbon footprint based on international carbon accounting standards such as the GHG Protocol, while engaging their ecosystem, from employees to suppliers, on their climate journey.

Greenly’s technology automates data collection & carbon analytics through integrations with over 100 enterprise softwares, including accounting, travel, cloud data, electricity vendors etc. As such, for the company is disrupting a market typically dominated by large consultancies performing ad hoc assignments for enterprises.

Leadership Team

Alexis Normand


Alexis is a 37 year-old graduate of HEC and Sciences-Po. After his studies, he spent 2 years working in public policy consulting. He then spent 6 years at Withings, a leading company in connected objects. While there, he continued the companies operations in Boston, USA, and created the company’s health department. After the company was bought by Nokia, he joined the startup Embleema by working through Techstars, one of the best startup incubators in the United States, where he developed a taste for entrepreneurship. His return to France was an opportunity to put all his experience at the service of the environment, during a crucial moment in the climate crisis.

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We can provide you with an overview of key trends in sustainability and ESG including reporting requirements for both corporates and asset managers.
Already engaged but are seeking to translate your values into impact in the most efficient and effective way.
We can provide benchmarking, advice and help you engage with your stakeholders.
You are bandwidth constrained but want to follow the evolution of sustainability themes relevant to your business.
We can publish weekly thought leadership newsletters on sustainability themes of your choice
You want to demonstrate your engagement in sustainability to your stakeholders and/or the broader community.
We can publish weekly thought leadership newsletters on sustainability themes of your choice.
You need to understand sustainability themes and digest technical content quickly.
We can devise and deliver ‘classroom’ training as well as provide other educational materials.
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