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27 Advisory, in partnership with VERITAS Design Group and IRGA, offers a unique SESG (Sustainability and ESG) consulting service for both the built environment and natural environment sectors that equips businesses with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to ensure optimised ESG Risk Management. Our 9-stage SESG programme, delivered through the combined expertise of financial economists, management consultants, creative architects, and climate engineers, will outline a custom designed SESG action plan for systematically assessing, managing, and monitoring risks of potential material impact to the strategic and financial decisions of the company.

With the benefit of our SESG consultancy services, our clients are empowered to maximise shareholder value while keeping a firm footing over their ESG commitments and sustainability targets, opening them up to new and exciting opportunities within the growing ESG marketplace and bringing a quality to their projects that is truly in a class of its own.

Leadership Team

Girish Ramachandran 27 Advisory SESG

Girish M Ramachandran

Executive Director

Girish M Ramachandran has 24 years of experience carrying out more than 270 positional assessments, business viability reviews, feasibility studies, proposal evaluations, strategy exercises, due diligence exercises, turnarounds, valuations, business plans, masterplans, special administrators, receiverships, liquidations, restructurings, investigations and various consultancy assignments on corporate entitles for Governments, management, shareholders, lenders and prospective investors.

He has managed consultancy assignments involving projects with transaction values in excess of RM1 billion, development values in excess of RM20 billion and carried out advisory to the largest companies in Malaysia and South East Asia.

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